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Songs & videos

I'm no musician, but I've recorded a few tunes for, 

often shamelessly appropriating familiar riffs and beats, and made some lo-fi videos to go with them. 

Punk rock, dinosaurs, and 10,000 m & m's. 


In which I bite the hand that feeds

me so well. And pimp my bald son.

the presidents song

Ulysses Grant meets Gene Simmonsand rocks 

the Oval Office.


An ill-advised hip-hop tribute celebrating

Chicago magazine's ruby anniversary.

i hate new york

Not really. It's a joke.

oh, suburbia 

How do I love thee? Let

me count the Starbucks. 

steak man  

The grass-fed super hero for a new age

64 lines about 32 pizzas


Takeoff of an obscure new

wave tune. But with pizza.

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